Scooter, San Francisco, 29 November 2014. (One Four Challenge)


Good Evening:

Still working on the “Scooter” picture. I’ve re-edited the picture published in the blog post “Black Friday in San Francisco.” To delete most of the color from a naturally monochromatic scene, I used iPhoto to reduce saturation to 0 (zero), but also checked the box to “Avoid saturating skin tones,” which preserves the skin tones and any reds in the picture, whilst reducing everything else to black and white.

DSCN6457 - Version 2

I also fiddled around with Contrast and Exposure (settings, respectively: 29 and 1.47 and I regret to inform you that I don’t know what those numbers mean) in order to make his hair stand out better from that black roof in the background.

Vonn Scott Bair


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  1. Vonn Scott, I like the way you have added more desaturation and contrast to the image. Its very effective and I do think it brings your subject forward from the background. I must confess though, to missing those little pops of red! 😀
    This is a great image for spending time on and especially the way you captured it!

  2. Yes I like this more than the first one, on my monitor the red is REALLY REALLY RED and overwhelms the rest of the image, this treatment brings the focus back to the central subject 🙂

      • Its easy to forget that other peoples monitors are different, mine have been calibrated as well tho it was a while ago 🙂

  3. I like the edits a lot! and this is such a cool street shot – so many tasty elements – and hard to believe those scooters are still around – my boys had them in 2001 – anyhow, cool capture and edit

    • prior: Those scooters have come back en vogue big time in San Francisco. Given that the last year they proliferated–2001–was also the year the first dot com boom began to go kablooey, I hope they aren’t a bad omen! Vonn Scott Bair

    • Emilio Pasquale: Thank you! All of my street photographs require editing (cropping and straightening, if nothing else), and the process has changed much of what I think constitutes good photography. I used to believe in “editing in the camera” (a filmmaking term) was the only way to go, which pretty much limited me to landscapes. Not any more. Vonn Scott Bair

  4. The desaturation has brought back the focus on the scooter, but I did like the reds of Week 1 which have now turned a bit pink on my screen. It’s a good image to experiment with though! Chris

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