Boarded-Up Store, Geary Near Polk, San Francisco, 14 December 2014. (Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge, Wk 41)


Good Evening:

Didn’t think anything worthwhile for Cee’s Challenge would pop up so soon, but I walked pas an odd boarded-up former X-rated video store and movie theater on Geary today as I travelled to a film production meeting this afternoon.

Now you might wonder (and with justification) how a boarded-up store front could possibly look oddball? It might look sad to the former owners (unless they retired) but it’s boards over windows. How odd can that get?

This odd.


The artist (might as well use that term) took any spare scraps of wood available and nailed them over the boards in an order (order? Can’t believe I’m using that term) that suggests both a plan and aesthetic values.. San Francisco’s murals are ephemeral; San Francisco’s sidewalk stencils are ephemeral; this, however, remains the only ephemeral sculpture I have seen so far this year.

Vonn Scott Bair


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