Houdini & Presto on The Unicorn Throne. (Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth)


Good Evening:

These two find both their designated chair and each other very warming.


Houdini (mostly white) and Presto (orange tabby markings) had led hard luck lives that eventually dumped them into an animal shelter whereupon they simultaneously experienced the incredible good fortune of meeting my human family and getting adopted the same day.

They get along pretty well, given that they come from such different ancestors, but their tails have occasional squabbles when it comes to their shared bed, The Unicorn Throne.

Yes. Their tails.

I believe that many cats do not have tails: instead, they have independent self-organizing symbiotic organisms that attach themselves to cat butts. Especially Houdini. Houdini had occupied the throne first a few mornings ago, promptly going to sleep, but that morning had grown cold, so Presto decided that he wanted to get off the floor and enjoy the warmth of their shared chair.

Houdini didn’t mind; he remained asleep. His symbiote-tail did mind.

And proceeded to slap Presto in the face multiple times. Cat asleep and dead to the world; tail on the defense. Houdini did not move; the tail kept wapping Presto in his face. However, Presto found an effective answer to the tail’s effrontery.

He simply sat on it and went to sleep.

Awakening Houdini.

Yet somehow all three of them–cats and cat’s tail–get along well most of the time.

Vonn Scott Bair

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