Oregon vs. Florida State, 1 January 2015. (Updated)


Good Afternoon:

Let us see; what have I in the way of snacks?


Hmmm, olives, carrots, celery, two cheeses and crackers, marinated smoked mackerel, and a dip made from mayo, mustard, garlic, horseradish and spices. Yes, this looks sufficient. Now what about a main course?


Homemade two-layer pepperoni pizza (pepperoni both above and below the cheese).

I am ready for some football!

I happen to have some personal interest in the Oregon Fashion Disasters vs. Florida State Seminoles game. Oddly enough, the fact that my niece attends Oregon is the lesser one. Much more important for the game itself: I happen to work with a woman whose son will play for the Costumed Catastrophes. If you watch, keep an eye out for defensive back Chris Seisey, wearing #12. He is a redshirt freshman who normally sits on the bench, but Oregon lost its best defensive player to injury so he will have to play almost the entire game. Everyone talks about the two quarterbacks, Winston and Mariota, as well they should, but Florida State will almost certainly target Seisey early on in the game. He played most of the game vs. the then-17th ranked Utah Utes, playing very good man coverage on one player on every play and took his opponent out of the offense.

But this is Florida State.

If Winston stops throwing to teammates covered by Chris, then the Oregon Horrific Uniforms will advance to the national championship. If he targets #12 all day long, the day will become all too long for the Gang Green (an old OU nickname). So the result of one of the three-biggest games of the year *might* depend upon a backup redshirt freshman.

But hey, no pressure.

Vonn Scott Bair

(UPDATE: I don’t think anyone saw that coming. Oregon crushed Florida State 59-20 with the aid of 41 second half points. FSU did not throw in the direction of Chris Seisey very often, which means that overall he did a very good job in man coverage; the television announcers even singled him out for praise late in the game.)


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