Shadow Play on a Kitchen Table. (Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed)


Good Evening:

I don’t quite know the scientific explanation for this.

Saw this curious pattern of light and shadow on the lunch table next to me in the 12th Floor break room at work today, about 1:30 p.m. All three pictures taken with my iPhone 4.


Meh, but not the best angle, obviously. But watch what happens when I move from the side of the table to a standing position in front of it.


I didn’t block anything from where I stood, and yet those one inch circles of light vanished, except for a few that turned very faint. Somehow, the circles of light that filter through the metal shades on the southwest side of the building (they rather resemble very large Venetian blinds) disappear when you look at them from another angle. Would love a scientific explanation should any prove readily available.

But enough of that. Time for a decent photo:

Still Life with Ben: 9 January 2015.

Still Life with Ben: 9 January 2015.

I did not manipulate any of the objects, nor did I do anything to the light, nor have I edited this picture in any way. Just another very lucky example of how serendipity is a life skill that can be mastered (and a useful one for an amateur photog!). This shot shows the many different sources of light in the break room.

Have fun this weekend, artists!

Vonn Scott Bair


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