The Surreal Is That Which Lies At Your Feet, and More Spam Poetry! (Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself)


Good Evening:

Long-time followers know that I like to express myself with two recurring themes, poetry made from spam emails, and photographs of weird things at my feet. “The surreal is that which lies at your feet” is not my invention, I feel quite certain of that, but I still haven’t discovered who said it first.

So first the surreal–a sausage flavored sidewalk. No kidding.



And now the spam poetry (I found the original here):

He Reconnaissance (Which Was Not Much) Before the “Syndicate.”

We had an audience

With the commanding

Officer of the Pacific,

And procured a


To the Secretary of War

For an Exploration

Of the Colorado River.


This was subsequently accomplished

With beneficial results–

At least for information.


In San Francisco

It was decided

That I should proceed

To Washington,

For the purpose

Of solicitin


I’ll just stop here and pretend that I haven’t finished to poem. But at least I can brag about the abab rhyme scheme at the end of the first stanze. On that note, it has now come time to turn…



Vonn Scott Bair


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