Still Life Pictures, 8 February 2015. (Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale)


Good Afternoon:

I could not resist having a bit of fun with this week’s Challenge; besides, I hadn’t practiced close up still life photography with my new iPhone yet. Made a few very interesting discoveries.


First, I can’t clean my kitchen scale without smearing the markings. Second, I also discovered that strawberries are surprisingly hard to photograph…


…which is why you won’t see any. Unlike the onions and citrus, the strawberries always lost their brilliant luster. I suspect that professional food photogs have a few tricks up their sleeves (spritzing with water? Furniture polish?).

However, citrus performs well:


And for good clean dramatic fun, there’s nothing quite the contrast of white on white.

IMG_6801Finally, I learned that I cannot balance a banana without help.


One of these days, I’ll figure out food photography.

Vonn Scott Bair



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