Orange Season in San Francisco. (Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange)


Good Evening:

It’s that time of year again. San Francisco goes seriously deliriously Orange.

It can get very obvious.

DSCN8091 DSCN8143

It can get very subtle (check out the shoelaces!).


As unbusiness-like as Orange might seem, businesses resort to it.

DSCN8152 DSCN8167 DSCN8153

Orange Season always starts in March. And these guys always start it:


No idea why the whole city has gone so flipping orange over the G-Men this year. Everyone knows that 2015 is an odd-numbered year, which means that the St. Louis Cardinals will win the National League pennant, because the Giants only win the World Series in even-numbered years in what might be the first example in American professional sports of a shared dynasty.

But still the City of San Francisco goes orange and black in support of the team.

DSCN8082 DSCN8164 DSCN8122 DSCN8095

If you hail from St. Louis, remember this: while I do not hesitate to congratulate the Cardinals for this year’s pennant, I do not hesitate to remind you that 2016 is our year. But you probably don’t mind. After all, 2017 is your year, too.

Vonn Scott Bair

PS–I wonder how Austin, Texas or Denver, Colorado or Knoxville, Tennessee look during football season?

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  2. the two different orange laces were my fav – especially the first one – wight he guy to the back – the laces grabbed me – also like how you caught the birds landing in that last photo – and this whole post has such a unique vibe –

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