Lookingforsf. (Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall)


Good Afternoon:

Black Sands is a work in progress in the Lower Haight, a home-brew supply store and brewpub. The supply store is open in their garage, but the brewpub has fallen behind schedule, which happens when you convert a former laundromat into something entirely new. Presenting the current privacy wall surrounding the construction site:


But it didn’t always look that way, which brings me this:

Lookingforsf Logo

Lookingforsf Logo

That cleverly entwined letter work represents the logo for Lookingforsf, a project by a local muralist (Tumblr site here) named Matthew Wyne, who works on behalf of an anonymous 26 year old local woman who seeks a boyfriend (a “Sunday kind of love”). Matthew Wyne has proven a superb choice for the job, as he possesses quite a gift for hand-drawn fonts and lettering. Mr. Wyne creates murals and flyers such as these, which used to grace the Black Sands privacy walls.

DSCN6823 DSCN6826 DSCN6825 DSCN6820 DSCN6822 DSCN6821

So if you’re an unattached heterosexual male in roughly the same age range as our hopeful seeker, and you’re looking for the “space in between places” in San Francisco…

…you can’t say I didn’t try to help.

Vonn Scott Bair

PS–Does it say anything about our society that someone that young feels the need to slow down?


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