The Wall at Land’s End @ Sunset, 15 March 2015.


Good Evening:

You can’t get much further west in San Francisco than the wall at Land’s End, unless you want to get really, really wet.


Interesting discovery: my iPhone 6 Plus did a better job of handing the weak light of sunset than the DSLR. But that DSLR is almost a decade old; the time might have come for an honorable retirement. Incidentally, can you spot the second wall in the pictures?

IMG_7047 IMG_7041

You can see it right at the horizon; a solidly impenetrable fogbank.

Meanwhile, something new, different and rather odd has appeared at Land’s End.

I call it Mini-Henge.


Someone has had a lot of fun lately, stacking stones upon each other in tiny foot-high monoliths (mini-monoliths). The next big wind will blow them all over, but until then, we can ponder the mystery of what mysterious civilization created these mysterious monuments, and with what mysterious motivations.


Vonn Scott Bair


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