Haight Street Art on a Sunday Afternoon. (Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate)


Good Evening:

Any San Franciscan who remembers the Sixties might not have taken enough drugs, but those who do will remember the wildly intricate art, clothing, music and posters of that era, when the posters for upcoming shows at the Fillmore Auditorium featured hand drawn fonts that you could not read until after you had consumed three joints and one tab of acid. This artistic tradition  remains alive today in the fabrics and on the walls and sidewalks of the Upper Haight.

DSCN0468 DSCN0470 DSCN0453 DSCN0467 DSCN0460 DSCN0450

Finally, a new sidewalk stencil from my fave, Eclair Bandersnatch.


Unfortunately, this masterpiece formally at the intersection of Haight and Masonic has disappeared.


Such is the transient nature of sidewalk art, even if “Beauty is in the street.”

Vonn Scott Bair

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