The First Cherries of 2015!


Good Evening:

Well, they were the first cherries of 2015:


At my office, cherries from the local farmers market lead a Hobbesian life–nasty, brutish, and short. All through the year, the talk among the vendors at the Civic Center consisted of how the California Drought had gotten so bad, they would not have a cherry crop in 2015. However, last Wednesday a few stalls featured surprisingly early and surprisingly good cherries surrounded by unsurprisingly good crowds of people swarming for what will almost certainly prove a small crop. All of the vendors charged $5.00 per pint, the most expensive price for cherries that I have ever seen at the Civic Center farmers market.

Naturally, I grabbed a pint to share with my co-workers. Probably a good thing we were a little understaffed that day; otherwise, I might not have gotten any for myself. Something about cherries–I call them the happiest fruit because I know of no other fruit that can induce bliss as well as they can in as many humans as they do.

With the possible exception of strawberries.

Vonn Scott Bair


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