The Surreal Is That Which Lies At Your Feet. (Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet)


Good Evening:

Someone not me once wrote something similar to, “The Surreal is that which lies at your feet.” I still haven’t found out who, and the search has gotten tougher because when I google that or similar phrases, my name keeps coming up.

But in San Francisco, the Surreal often is that which lies at your feet.

IMG_7937 IMG_7558 DSCN1155

And our old friend Eclair Bandersnatch continues her/his/their good work.

DSCN1505 DSCN0475 DSCN0755

Note that Eclair printed the Snowden stencil backwards. According to the Facebook page, Eclair is a woman artist working solo, but nowadays who can tell? She could be a mastermind, a sort of benevolent Gru of artists with an army of minions to do her bidding. Technically, not surreal, but some people might call it that.

Vonn Scott Bair


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