The View from Above at Work. (Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet)


Good Evening:

Technically, all of these events took place beneath my feet–at least, in terms of altitude.

The headquarters of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission does not sit on the most exciting real estate in the city, yet every once in a while something interesting presents itself. Some of these shots have a bluish tinge because I took the shots through tinted windows, yielding something resembling one of the filters in the iPhone 6 Plus.

This protest, for example, took place on Golden Gate itself.


I have no idea what these two dancers in red tee shirts were advertising, but they got paid to dance and were probably the happiest people in the Civic Center that afternoon.


The plaza in front of the Federal Building frequently lends itself to tableaux such as these that remind me of the work of Edward Hopper.


Assembling a recent carnival in front of City Hall. Hey, this town is kinda fun.


Finally a nearby roof swarming with all sorts of neat vents ‘n stuff.


Vonn Scott Bair


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