Going Up & Coming Down on Van Ness Avenue. (Weekly Photo Challenge: Change)


Good Evening:

As I’ve written before, it seems that one means of measuring a city’s health consists of counting the construction cranes hovering over neighborhoods like birds hovering over chicks. And as I’ve also written before, I have zero economics training and have no idea if my curious notion has any basis in fact.

The Triplets of Van Ness.

The Triplets of Van Ness.

These triplets have hovered over Van Ness Avenue for the past few months at three separate sites.

However, not everything in San Francisco is going up. This will soon come down.


This building on Van Ness and Golden Gate used to be a McDonald’s restaurant (I don’t care if it’s McDonald’s or MacDonald’s because–well, I just don’t care). Perhaps I have led too sheltered a life, but it didn’t seem possible that one of their franchises could ever shut down. Certainly, this one seemed busy enough, but as I have written before, I have zero economics training. No doubt the building will soon come down and another yellow crane will hover over the site as another apartment building goes up. Meanwhile, a few more shots of the shuttered site.

DSCN2150 DSCN2148 DSCN2149

Something already rising on the property: weeds.


From Bair’s Dictionary: “Weeds, n.: Plants that exist solely to make a mockery of human pretension and endeavor.”

Vonn Scott Bair


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