Love in San Francisco. (Weekly Photo Challenge: [Extra]ordinary)


Good Evening:

Shouldn’t love be considered, for lack of a better term–ordinary?

IMG_8072Seriously, shouldn’t love seem like, for lack of a better phrase–no big deal?

DSCN2626Should anyone care that the above couple spent well over an hour at the Cafe International (at Haight & Fillmore) doing nothing but that?

Unfortunately, it seems the answer is yes.

Do you consider yourself a reasonably well-informed person? So do I. Now consider this–what do you and I read in the news, see in the videos, hear on the radio? War, murder, mass shootings, executions, terror, sometimes discussed by people as full of anger, hatred and bile as the events of which they bloviate. If your knowledge of the world came solely from the news, you might not even know that love exists.

Good thing we can turn off our computers and televisions, huh?

Good thing we can take off for a walk in our neighborhoods, huh?

Good thing we can see people in love as if love was only ordinary, huh?

DSCN2628Hmm. She wears the pants, he wears the kilt.

Given that San Francisco is not Scotland, perhaps that counts as (extra)ordinary.

Vonn Scott Bair


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