Good Evening:

Took a late lunch today and enjoyed a splendid view of San Francisco’s Civic Center from the 12th Floor of the HQ of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. Lunch: leftover homemade chicken with olives, fennel and orange slices over rice. Lunchtime music: Musique de Nuit by Ballake Sissoko (kora) and Vincent Segal (cello).

Having finished lunch I stood by the windows and watched the food trucks and their customers across the street from City Hall. One trio caught my eye, a newly-married couple and their wedding photographer. The woman, Asian-American wearing a classic white dress and veil, tripped over the hem but did not fall, and even from 12 stories up I could see them laughing, her most of all. The husband, Asian-American in a classic black tuxedo and tails, and the photographer, a Caucasian male in tuxedo shirt but no tie, copper silk vest and grey dress slacks, laughed together and followed behind as the new wife traipsed, yes, traipsed among the trees in the Civic Center. She pointed to a nearby lamppost, pulled up the hem of her dress, and ran to it with ease and grace. Her husband and their photographer looked at each other, laughed, and followed.

My cell phone vibrated, indicating that I received a message. I looked away and read an alert from the NY Times.

Shooting at restaurant, two bombs explode near stadium in Paris.

I returned to the window and watched the laughing newlyweds arrange themselves for a pose using the lamppost for a prop. The wedding photographer moved in a semicircle about them, trying to find the best light to take their picture, gesturing with his left hand for them to move just a tad to their left for the best light to capture the happy occasion, the first day of their bright and wonderful future.

Vonn Scott Bair

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